Ways to Get Involved

IAA provides both regular members and affiliate members an opportunity to get more involved through unique avenues and encompass both engagement marketing and thought leadership.  Focusing on these two areas of opportunity, we believe that the outreach being offered truly can build connections for all to benefit. 

Engagement Marketing

Related to Engagement Marketing, IAA offers multiple opportunities to test the waters, without a hefty price tag that many for-profit entities would charge, to gauge our members’ needs for your services. Some of what we are offering includes:

  • Associate/Services Directory - Offered FREE as a part of Associate Membership.
  • Lead generation through sponsorships of all kinds and all event. 
  • Logo recognition through emails, publications, and social media recognizing the sponsorship opportunities secured. 
  • Website marketing through both advertisements and sponsorships. 

Thought Leadership

Become a trusted advisor for our members by bringing them relevant and timely information and resources to help them with their careers or to help their organizations.

  • Custom Webinars. Offer to be the expert in your area of operations. The non-sales approach of outreach will benefit all involved. 
  • Speaking Opportunities \. Think about getting involved in other virtual and in-person meetings offered through our Premier and Connection levels of our new Access Strategic Partnership Program. 

Want to raise your game in both Engagement Marketing and Thought Leadership? It might be a smart move to consider combining some of the Ala Carte opportunities such as exhibit space and membership to become a Premier or Connection Level Partner. Either of these two opportunities saves you money AND offers you benefits not available to access individually.